About Us


The United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) is one of the largest private-sector, North American trade unions with over 1.3 million members in the retail, supermarket, and food processing industries. The UFCW Capital Stewardship Program (CSP) promotes the interests of current and retired UFCW members whose pension funds total over $40 billion. CSP supports trustees who lead these funds, as well as UFCW officials who lead some of the largest public funds in North America, including public pension funds in the states of Maryland, Ohio, and Michigan. UFCW members and pension fund participants have a direct stake in the success of Ahold as our funds are major investors in the company. Additionally, UFCW represents around 70,000 Ahold employees, approximately 65% of the Ahold U.S. workforce.

FNV Bondgenoten

FNV Bondgenoten is the largest trade union in the Netherlands, with more than 460,000 members in the industrial, metal, transport, services, trade, agricultural, and horticultural sectors. FNV Bondgenoten also looks after the interests of agency staff in every sector and of benefit claimants and retired employees who used to work in these sectors. FNV Bondgenoten is the largest union participating in the negotiation of industry collective bargaining agreements that cover employees working in Ahold stores and distribution centers.


If you have questions or would like additional information, please click here to email Aaron Brenner, Senior Capital Markets Analyst, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.